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Regular Closing Day:Wed.

Please feel free to contact to us for a seat reservation or a chartered operation.

Smoking is not allowed in the entire building; however, an outdoor smoking space is available.
It is allowed to accompany pets to the open deck and the café & pub cabin.
A baby bet is available in the powder room.
It is free of charge to use the shower room as the space to suckle a child. Free Wi-Fi is available.


The classic building space, from which wooden warmth is perceived, available as café & Pub and places for a party, an event, and a leisure foothold.

In 1931、Gyoko road, directly connecting Hayama Imperial Villa with Zushi railway station, for Emperor Hirohito Showa was opened to traffic. Nowadays, Gyoko road is the part of National Road Route 134 (R134), connecting the region of Miura Peninsula with the region of Shonan beach (the seafront of Sagami Bay called Shonan.) Kazahayabashi-intersection is located about the middle of Gyoko road and also of entire R134. Kazahayasabo is active at the corner of the intersection.

Kazahayabashi district is the tact between the foot of Mt. Sengei (+118M) and the River Morito. From the summit of Mt. Sengei we can get a panorama view of Mt. Fuji, Sagami Bay, and Enoshima. The River Morito drains into the sea jus beside the Morito Shrine, and it headstream at Futago-yama mountain range. The flow of the River Morito makes L-shaped turn to the right at Kazahayabashi district. Because of the river breeze came from the L-shaped turn the climate of Kazahayabashi is comfortable even at daytime of midsummer.

Prior to the opening of Gyoko road in1931 Kazahayabashi district had been a kind of hidden paradise. In 1925, a wooden building was constructed, at the site of demolished Seihoin temple, as the home of Gisuke Yajima who worked as a master of villa construction in Hayama.

In 2017, the good old wooden building was renovated as per Kazahayasabo’s design concepts for accommodating guests while the original parts of the building preserved at the maximum. You are welcome to stop by the space, from which wooden warmth is perceived, in a corner of R134 for blown’ in the Kazahaya wind. We are looking forward to seeing you.

On the ground floor there are Japanese style law-tables and Western style table and chairs in the living room, counter table in the café & pub cabin, and garden tables on the open deck. On the second floor (exclusive to reserve spaces service), there are Japanese style tatami-floored room and multi purpose room.

Please take whichever table you like at the Café & Pub zone at the ground floor. The garden table on the open deck is suitable to enjoy sunny spot and comfortable breeze. You can keep your shoes on to the counter table in the café & pub cabin. The law-tables (on the heating floor) in the living room is suitable to sit in a circle with your family and friends.

The Western table is suitable to have a relax time. On the second floor (exclusive to reserve spaces service), there are Japanese style tatami-floored room and multi purpose room. The Japanese room’s YUKIMI-SHOJI and TRANSOM WINDOW retain their character from during the early Showa period (1930’s). The key characteristics of the multi purpose room, which is suitable for using for a workshop and an exhibition, are the roof structure using logs, the solid woody flooring, and the picture rails being furnished.

In the daytime, the space of the second floor, against the landscape of Mt. Sengei, is full of feeling of freedom. In the nighttime, the space, which has more presence of the old wooden building, let us enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Café & Pub

CAFÉ MENU consists of various coffees, beverages, and sweets. PUB MENU consists of various draft beers, scotches, wines, and others. FOOD MENU consists of various draft beers, scotches, wines, and others. FOOD MENU consists of Napoli Pizza, Donburi-mono, others. SNACK MENU consists of Japanese’s, smoked ones, Nachos, others.

Please feel free to contact to us for your party or a chartered operation plan. Thank you.

Herb tea   mihwa


A self-care brand for women working in a stressful society.

Correct minor ailments with plant therapy


In Europe, plant therapy has been deeply rooted in daily life since ancient times, and we take for granted the power of plants, such as echinacea for when you start catching a cold, passionflower for when you feel like you’re not sleeping well, and lavender essential oil for when you get a burn in the kitchen. is useful for health.

In a French town, there is a pharmacy specializing in medicinal herbs called “Herboristerie.” Your family will choose products that suit your physical condition.

At mihwa Kazehaya Sabo, we have about 50 types of herbs modeled after Herboristerie, and we listen to each customer’s story and help them improve their “I’m not sick, but I’m not feeling well” condition.

mihwa original herbal tea


Focusing on the pre-illness of modern women working in a stressful society, it was developed with the aim of correcting disorders such as female rhythm, coldness, stress, circulation, and sleep. By drinking this herbal tea uniquely prepared using plant therapy methods every day, you will gradually feel changes in your mind and body. You can purchase products and enjoy them as part of the cafe menu inside mihwa Kazehaya Sabo.

Custom-made herbal tea preparation


We provide custom-made formulations by AMPP (French Association of Phytotherapy and Popular Medicine) certified plant therapists. We provide counseling to listen to each customer’s physical concerns and mix herbal tea to order. Recommended for those who are worried about pre-symptomatic conditions, those who want to prevent recurrence after treatment, those who want to fundamentally improve their constitution, and those who want to take care of themselves with natural products without relying on drugs.


¥5500 (1 month’s worth of herbal tea 100g + counseling fee + shipping fee included)

Miura Peninsula local herbs


Miura Peninsula is surrounded by the sea and mountains and is rich in nature. In cooperation with farmers, we cultivated the vegetables completely without using any herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or chemicals, and each piece was picked and dried by hand. Please enjoy the aromatic herbal tea full of vitality produced by the earth of the Miura Peninsula.

Go to mihwa EC site



Space rental

Upon your needs the ground floor and/or the second floor of Kazahayasabo can be reserved or chartered as place for a party and an event.

Please feel free to contact us.  for any information and a proposal. Thank you.





2月21日(木)AM11:00からPM2:00まで、「La Panna」さんの本格イタリアンと「猫とうたたね」さんの焼き立てパンのプレートランチがお楽しみいただけます。風早茶房の通常メニューもご注文いただけます。お待ちし…

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一般社団法人はっぷの活動「互近所ガーデンかざはや」主催で小さなお祭りを行うことになりました! 美味しい食べ物、飲み物だけでなく、ワークショップ、催し物も充実しております! <飲食> 風早茶房:ピザ、豚丼、ビール、シークワ…

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認知症になってもやりたいことを実現できる! そんなお話を、色々な人とするフレンドリーな機会を作りました。 ご本人の方も、ご家族の方もご興味のある方も、どなたでもぜひご参加ください♪ お子様連れでのご参加も可能です。 日時…

2018.10.10 | イベント告知


About charter use

The usage fee for just utilizing the dressing and shower room is 1,000yen for 30 minutes.

Kazahayasabo as leisure foothold for the sea and mountains of Hayama:

  • to the entrance to a route up Mt. Sengei : 5 minutes
  • to Morito Beach : 10 minutes


The second floor of Kazahayasabo is convenient for leisure foothold.

  • 2,000yen per 1hours
  • 10,000yen per one day (9:00-21:00)

Those usage fees include the usage fees for the dressing and shower room and one parking lot.
Reservations for charter use are accepted by phone or e-mail. Please feel free to contact to us.

Kazehaya Yomoyama Story

In addition to the information from the shop, I write spelling, including local Kazahayabashi, Hayama, Miura's history and so on.




2024.02.21 | 「互助」と「生業」




2018.11.29 | 「互助」と「生業」




2018.11.03 | 環境建築と工作物



Horiuchi 648, Miura-gun, Hayama, Kanagawa, 240-0112


  The nearest bus stop is 「風早橋(Kazahayabashi)」 which is the 5th stop from JR ZUSHI bus station and the 4th stop from the KEIKYU Shin-ZUSHI bus station. Kazahayasabo is located just opposite side of another Kazahayabashi bus stop at which the busses bounding to ZUSHI station stop.   In order to reach 「風早橋(Kazahayabashi)」 from ZUSHI station take any of the busses bounding to 「横須賀市民病院 (yokosuka-shimin-byoin)」, 「長井(Nagai)」, 「大楠芦名口 (Ogusu-Ashinaguchi)」, 「湘南佐島なぎさの丘[風早橋経由」(Shonan-Sajima-Nagisanooka[via Kazahayabashi])」, 「衣笠(Kinugasa)」, 「湘南国際村 (Shonan-Kokusai-Mura)」, and 「葉山福祉文化会館(Hayama-Fukushibunka-Kaikan)」 at the bus terminal ① & ②.   Please be careful the buses bounding to 「南郷中学校 (Nangochugaku)」, 「湘南国際村[南郷トンネル経由] (Shonan-Kokusai-Mura[via Nango Tunnel])」, and 「湘南佐島なぎさの丘[直行・急行](Shonan-Sajima-Nagisanooka[Direct Express]」, which also depart from the terminal ① & ②, do not stop at 「風早橋(Kazahayabashi)」.


  Exit Yokohama-Yokosuka express way at ZUSHI-Interchange. Take Zuyo-Shindo (逗葉新道) and go straight until Nagae Intersection (長柄交差点) with National Route 134 (R134.) Turn left at Nagae intersection and go straight toward Yokosuka direction about 800m until Kazahayabashi-intersection and the third traffic signal from the Nagae Intersection visible. Kazahayasabo is located left side directly in front of Kazahayabashi-intersection.